My Current State of Mind…

  • I’m an advocate for going after what you want, I won’t make or listen to any excuses for anyone or anything. With that being said, I am my own biggest obstacle.
  • The Heather dress is a must have. Get yours before they sell out!
  • Fair-weather friends are plentiful, I don’t have the time or patience for those types of people. Thank goodness my low tolerance allows for a fast recovery from bad tasting friendships.
  • I’ve had avocado on toast for the last 7 days, it’s my current obsession and I can’t stop!
  • When it comes to a healthy relationship, it’s either you have one or you don’t – there’s no in-between. Don’t fool yourself.
  • 5 days left of my TinyTea “teatox,” I feel the same and all it’s done is increase my poutine cravings lol.
  • Nothing is promised in life, do what makes you happy. Fuck everyone else.
  • The answer is always no if you don’t ask.
  • “Stop the glorification of BUSY.” My cousin posted that on her Instagram and I couldn’t agree more. Why do people associate busy with doing well? is there quality in your busy-ness? I always try to make an effort to slow down and face time my nephew, have long hugs with my boyfriend, and savor the meals/conversations at my parents’ place. Being busy don’t mean shit!
  • I have the best girlfriends, every time we link up I feel like my love tank gets filled. I feel for women that don’t have close genuine female bonds, there’s nothing comparable to a love like that.
  • Miss my sister, like a lot.
  • Finally have my LinkedIn profile up!!! How eggciting.
  • I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend Cat (my first time!), it’s such an honor.  Words just can’t describe it!
  • Every day is a beautiful struggle.

Be back shortly, xo.


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