Home Decor Inspiration

Sorry for being a little late on the home décor post. It was so beautiful this past weekend I couldn’t pass up the chance of ice cream by the beach, cat naps and hanging with my boos 🙂

I’ve been low on content lately, call it writer’s block.. call it a lack of motivation, but don’t call it slacking – my mind has been working overtime lately! If only I could put it into words and share it with you. it just feels like I’m running out of time to do all the things I love to do. Honeydrip is set to relaunch this summer (very eggciting) so there’s lots of planning and work happening with that. CHRIS+OPHER has been so much fun, every time I send a package out I get a high that’s incomparable! It’s taught me a lot about social media, I’m learning every day. There’s also a few projects in the works but I won’t share until they’re in a more mature stage. But yes, that is me in a nutshell. Figuring out every day how to do what I love and turn it into profitable business! There is so much more failing I need to do before succeeding, wish me luck!

Whenever I have a moment of 2 of downtime, my latest obsession has been home décor. B and I are doing an apt make over this Fall and the idea box is flowing! I’m going to spend the summer thinking about what I want and then hopefully by Fall I’ll be 100% confident of the wall paper, paint colors, furniture etc. We’re choosing to re-do the apt later in the year because not only is my schedule busy, but B’s as well. He recently took a leap of faith and I couldn’t be happier for him. There’s been a lot of growing these last few weeks and we cannot thank you everyone enough for the support! We realized there are 2 types of supporters, the ones that pat you on the back, wish you well but never leave the sidelines to help push you. And the other type are the ones that wish you well and actually mean it – those are the people we are most thankful for. Thank you, thank you!

Okay enough of that – let’s enter my home décor brain for a moment and just indulge in these images!

pic20140415073436 pic20140415073537 pic20140415073611 pic20140415073829 pic20140415073918 pic20140415083520

My latest décor inspiration. Do we love!? Can’t wait to show you our apt as we work on it. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!


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