About Vloves

I really can’t think of what brings me more joy than sitting at my computer and spending time writing (what I find to be) witty blog posts and pouring thru photos to share with you. I’m not going to say I love blogging, because I don’t … I simply love living and sharing it with people.

Food, and fashion have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, the love for fine fellas came after hehe. Maybe you’ll never meet another person who has all day cravings for all things fried, or have mad love for the chocolate brothas (haaaay), but that’s okay. Because to be honest, I can barely handle one Vicky, let alone another broad just like me.

Food. My love for food has never changed. The fat 8 year old kid in me still drools when watching the Food Network, eyes light up as big as Pluto when the dimsum cart rolls towards the table and she will still finish your plate of food if you can’t do so yourself.  What’s more important is that I love to eat with good company. Food is symbolic of quality time spent with people worthy of sitting down to eat with. Meaning, if you and I are eating then you best believe you are special. Food is love…and I can eat my feelings all day.

Fashion. I love to shop, what woman/gay man doesn’t? My style is everything underneath the sun..like a bunch of goodness rolled into one. If Holt Renfrew had a love child with East Vancouver, I might be it. I love gushing over designer items and rubbing soft silk blouses on my cheek all the while holding my oreo strawberry Mcflurry in one hand and donning Retro Jordans on my feet. From high end to low end, I will do it all. It bugs me when people say, ‘I can’t pull it off,’ because YOU CAN. Anyone can pull anything off if you have the confidence. Confidence is key, the rest is just butta baby. Fashion should be fun and experimental, go out buy fur coats and green pants. It’s okay!

Fine Fellas. Um, do I really need to go into detail here? Doesn’t matter if I’m boo’d up or at home with 7 kids. Eye candy is mother effin’ eye candy ya feel me!! I like them tall, semi dark (think mocha), full of personality and an appetite for love, life and ME!

Honestly I kind of cringe when people ask me about myself because I feel like I’m not just 1 thing. I can be passive, stubborn, nice, mean, fat one day, and feel model thin the next. I’m like seriously this close to deleting all of this because I feel all boxed in and itchy from describing myself. Okay let me wrap it up…

It’s important to me that Vickyloves isn’t just a copy and paste of everything I enjoy, we see that a lot nowadays with people re-tweeting, re-posting, re re re re everything. As easy and fun as it is to live vicariously thru people, I’d much rather live thru it for myself.  Vickyloves is a platform where I can “show and tell” you what I love to eat, buy, and whisper sweet nothings to. I hope that you will continue to visit me often and read about the things that make me happy, in the hopes that I will help you find your “happy” too.

Food, fashion, fine fellas? Fuck yeeeuh!

You can  find me on facebook and twitter. And if you find any other methods to stalk me by please feel free to do so.

Vickyloves you.


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